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Economy of the Podlaskie Region

Agriculture in Podlaskie Voivodeship functions in harsh natural, both climatic and soil conditions – a very short vegetation period, record temperature lows, poor soil and periodic water deficits.

Despite this, there are over 100000 rural farms in the region, using an average surface of about 13 hectares.

The structure of rural areas makes good conditions for further development of the production of milk and beef. Potatoes are mainly cultivated in the area of the province of Podlasie, as well as cereals (rye, oats, wheat, corn) and sugar beets. In the last  years, the owners of rural farms have seen more and more success –in their agrotouristic activities .

The following branches of the economy are of major importance in Podlaskie Voivodeship: food processing, light industry, wood industry and the production of machines.

The most dynamic development is observed in the production of food. The plants operating within this sector specialize in the processing of milk, meat, poultry, as well as cereal and beer making. Large and modern dairies located in Podlasie are famous for their excellent products in all of Poland. They function using modern technologies, many of them have already received the ISO certificate. At present, some of the dairies are authorized to export their products to the EU countries.

Light industry is responsible for the production, firstly, of many different kind of fabrics, carpets and fleece products. The essential economic sector in the region is the wood processing industry supported by local raw materials (production of parquet floors, furniture, woodwork and home construction elements).

Dominant companies of the local building industry produce ceramics, cobblestones and silicates. The machinery industry is also worth mentioning, which produces various equipment, parts and components of machines.

Other dynamic branches of the local economy are in the business sector, such as consulting and advisory services, as well as banking and protection services.